Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hopping Along the Bunny Trail...

We've all had those moments when our box is knee deep in updates, two of the three fics you're writing still need to be finished, when something small and furry comes along and nips you in the brain: Plot Bunny!! What do you do with all of those unused, but brilliant plot bunnies just prancing around?

We've also had those moments when the urge to write hits us, but then our creative muse apparently stepped out to go use the bathroom or something, because all of a sudden you're drawing a blank. You know what you need? a Plot Bunny!!

This contest brings both worlds together! Unload your unused plot bunnies and see what others can do with them. We'll be opening up our blog for folks to submit any and all Twi-related plot bunnies that have crossed their minds in the hopes that an author will take it and run with it. Then, on June 19th you can start to request your plot bunny and get to writing!

Every person entering will be sent two different plot bunnies. You can either choose to write just one of them, or both!

Find all contest related rules and more information on our Fan Fiction profile!

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