Friday, August 13, 2010

Open Vote & Judge's Pick Winners!!

We've had such a fabulous time here at the Plot Bunny Contest, and we're sad to see it end...But! We're incredibly excited and happy to announce the winners!

We ended up having 37 wonderful entries. Before we announce the winners, we would be remiss if we didn't thank all of you for taking the time to read and vote for your favorite entries! We also have to extend a HUGE thank you to our fantabulous judges for taking the time to be a vital part of this contest. Hugs and kisses to you all!

And now...drum roll please!

Voting was very close in both the Open Vote and the Judge's Selection Round, but eventually it all came down to one fic. Yes. One fic swept both the top spot in the Open Vote and the Judge's Selection Round.

We are pleased to announce that Strings, by TKegl is our GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

TKegl took a straightforward, rather simple bunny and produced a fic that grabbed not only our judges' attention, but many others as well. We encountered many people who read the fic and were stunned at how much it resonated with them. Why were people so shocked? This winning fic features a non-canon couple (as dictated by the plot bunny) yet manages to create a relationship so real and heart warming that even if you are a die hard Edward/Bella shipper, you can't seem to stop reading.

1st and 2nd place for Open Vote were incredibly close, and we're happy to announce that Gotta Have You by Risbee earned a good chunk of votes. Risbee took her plot bunny and ran with it, creating an amusing fic where Edward starts off with Rosalie, but ends up with Bella. How she gets there is a hilarious journey that you should read for yourself!

3rd place in Open Vote goes to one of the few slash fics that ended up in this contest. A Night in Vienna by Zigster tells the tale of two boys in a band and how they came to be...together. Some miscommunication, a little bit of meddling, and a long night in Vienna all come together to create their story.

Congratulations to TKegl, Risbee & Zigster!!

Our esteemed panel of judges took the time to read through all of the picks and, after finally narrowing it down to a select few, voted on their favorites. Their top pick is shared with the Open Vote, with TKegl's Strings winning first place.

One fic that the judges kept mentioning again and again was Yogacat's The Other Side of Night. Yogacat takes us into the everyday life of Bella, a night shift waitress, who's humdrum daily life is seemingly ordinary. Toss in a regular customer, some incredible UST, and an ending that leaves you wanting more, and you have the recipe for a winning fic. This fic won the #2 spot in our judges' hearts for good reason!

One of the few entries inspired by a picture plot bunny, AStarDanced77's Memories of Us was another judges' favorite, earning 3rd place. This angsty fic with an interesting, realistic plot resonated with many of the judges, causing them to claim this a favorite and give it 3rd place in the Judges' Selection Round!

Congrats to Tkegl, Yogacat & AStarDanced77 for winning the top three spots in the Judge's Selection Round!

Come back tomorrow to see which fics were chosen for special awards from both hosts and judges!

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